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What's Up Hot Dog - The Origin Story

The Origin Story

"What's up hot dog?" is Scott Aukerman's now retired catchphrase. 


Scott used "what's up hot dog?" as a catchphrase from Episode 54: The Wacky Ding Dongs to 84: Impotent Teamsters Unite. On Episode 91: Garry Marshall Presents"Weird Al" Yankovic asks Scott if he can start using "What's up hot dog?", Scott says this would be fine as long as Al tweets it at least once a day and uses it to open all of his concerts. Al agrees to these terms and has been using it ever since.

What's Up Hot Dog Memorial Plugs Section[]

In Episode 103: These Times They Are A-Changin', Scott announced his intentions to retire the 'What's Up Hot Dog?' and pay homage to it by renaming Plugs the What's Up Hot Dog Memorial Plugs Section.

Finding a Replacement for "What's Up Hot Dog?"[]

Since Scott has not been using "What's up hot dog?" as a catchphrase at the beginning of each episode he has been using fan suggested catchphrases, ostensibly to try and find a new regular catchphrase but has had no luck as of yet.



In Episode 133 "Fortunately Unfortunately", "What's Up, Hot Dog?" was the catchphrase submitted by Brian Cunningham and used by Scott, with no reference to the retirement.