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The Bronze Boogie Boarder
Number of Appearances 2
Played by Will Hines
First Episode The 15th Anniversary Show!
Latest Episode 2024 Tour, St. Louis

The Bronze Boogie Boarder is a character played by Will Hines. He is a galactic traveler who was the servant of a world-eating entity for two millennia before quitting. He has helped feed an estimated 208,000 planets to his boss. He insists he is a good guy, though.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
2024 Tour, St. Louis 6.20.24 Monsignor Damien Fearnley, Bicky, Morris The Missouri Mule, The Pine-Sol Lady Paul F. Tompkins, Lily Sullivan, Connor Ratliff, Carl Tart
863: The 15th Anniversary Show! 5.5.24 Original Fig, Neptuna, Francesca Bolognese, Randy Snutz, Jeffy McSaturday, Quiet the Mime, Nana Aukerman Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly, Lily Sullivan, Tim Baltz, Shaun Diston, Vic Michaelis, Lisa Gilroy