The Bachelor Brothers
Number of Appearances 5
Played by Paul Rust
Neil Campbell
First Episode The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!
Latest Episode The Freak

Benny and Barrett Bachelor are characters played by Paul Rust and Neil Campbell. They are a pair of twin 13-year-old brothers who are record executives at Bachelor Records, as well as the owners of nightclub The Bachelor Pad and sub shop Bachelor Subs (where the only currency they accept is turkey). They have recently started a new business venture in which they offer cars shaped like musical notes to whoever can guess and sing a song correctly.

Bands on Bachelor RecordsEdit

They are always on the lookout for hot new bands to sign to their label, Bachelor Records.

  • The Kooky Kavemen: "You Got Me Rockin' Like a Dinosaur" (In Season 2, Episode 1 of the TV show, Scott mentions he will be seeing the Kooky Kavemen in concert. In Season 2, Episode 17, The Kooky Kavemen are Reggie's Rockin' Record Pick of the Week.)
  • 1993: "You Got Me Rockin' Like a Cloned Dinosaur"
  • The Pirates
  • The Garbagemen
  • The Butlers
  • The Janet Oars: not janitors, but people named Janet who dress like oars
  • The Vice Presidents: all the members dress as vice presidents, including Adlai Stevenson, Grover Cleveland's other vice president Thomas Hendricks, George H.W. Bush, and Al Gore. 
  • The California Raisins
  • The Eggheads
  • The Beltway Boys
  • The Emperors
  • The Stove-top Boys
  • The Neanderthals
  • Year 1
  • Fur and Feathers
  • You Too
  • The Hoo
  • The Hoo Two
  • Conor Oberst
  • The Weigh Ins
  • The Martians
  • The Scientistss - band of snakes that only plays for mice.
  • The Spiders


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
499: The Freak  7.17.17 Rosie Jipps, Chris Fitzpatrick Kyle Mooney, Fran Gillespie
283: The 5th Anniversary Show! 4.28.14 Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Traci Reardon, Mike the Janitor, JW Stillwater, Mattilda Besserina Smith Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Besser
277: Comedy Bang Me!  3.17.14 Chelsea Peretti
262: 2013 Holiday Spectacular 12.16.13 Dalton WilcoxAlan Thicke, Merrill ShindlerBill Cosby-BukowskiFrank Stallone Nick LoweJason Mantzoukas, Andy DalyPaul F. Tompkins, James AdomianJon DalyPaul Scheer
218: The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza! 5.6.13 Marissa Wompler, Mike the JanitorTraci Reardon Jason MantzoukasLauren Lapkus, David WainJessica St. ClairPaul F. Tompkins