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The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!
Episode 218
Vital statistics
Release date May 6, 2013
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests David Wain

Lauren Lapkus
Jessica St. Clair
Paul F. Tompkins
Jason Mantzoukas
Paul Rust
Neil Campbell

Characters Traci Rearden

Marissa Wompler
Mike the Janitor
The Bachelor Brothers

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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays one's lust for Mandy Patinkin's beard. "The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!" is episode 218 of Comedy Bang! Bang! Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Traci Rearden (Lauren Lapkus), Marissa Wompler (Jessica St. Clair), Mike the Janitor (Paul F. Tompkins)Jason MantzoukasDavid Wain, and the Bachelor Brothers (Paul Rust and Neil Campbell). "The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!" was released on May 6, 2013.

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Earwolf Synopsis[]

Join us as we celebrate the Four Year Anniversary of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast! Acclaimed director David Wain returns with co-host Traci Rearden to experience the high capacity of our open door policy as a furious Marissa Wompler & a disinterested Mike the Janitor drop by. And if that’s not enough, our good friend Jason Mantzoukas wanders in to wish us a happy anniversary right before a couple of record execs who go by the Bachelor Brothers barge in to make a proposition to Scott which could effect the future of CBB. It’s a Comedy Bing Bong for the ages filled with tension, surprises, and “My wife!” for all!

List of Recurring Jokes[]

The Bachelor Brothers tell the story of their birth as twins and reveal that they were born at exactly the same time, holding hands. This prompts Scott to ask if they are side-by-sides, a reference to Chip Gardner.


This episode was voted #9 in the Best of 2013.