Scott Aukerman.

Scott Aukerman is the host of "Comedy Bang! Bang!"

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Personal lifeEdit

Scott is married to actress, former girlfriend, and fellow podcaster Kulap Vilaysack. The couple had a Boston Terrier named Rocky and have a Boston Terrier named Georgia Michaela.


    • Stop Tacoman
    • Shop Talkerman
    • Hot Soccermom
    • Flop Chonkenton
    • Posh Nachoman
    • Yacht Rockerman
    • Hot Saucerman
    • Stop Clockerman
    • Shock Jockerman
    • Flip Flopperman
    • Second Seasonman
    • Bing Crosbyman
    • Flash Backerman
    The World Famous Scottabot
  • Hot Saucerman
  • The Choctaw
  • Scotterick - Used by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  • Scott Achingman - Often used by members of Suicide House.
  • Weirder Scott - The name under which Scott records all of his world-famous parody songs, such as "Birthday Checks."
  • Comanche
  • Mott the Hoopleman
  • Scott Fava Bean
  • Count Chocula
  • The Lakota
  • The Hawk
  • Hot Soccermom - The Hot Saucerman namesake was coined by Harris Wittels as Scott stumbled over calling himself 'Hot Soccermom'.
  • Scott Auxermin - Used by Cake Boss.
  • Mott Scaukerman - Used by Lil' Gary
  • Scott Anchorman
  • Scotty Aucks

A list can also be found here.


Many of Scott's characters are based on a single repeated word or phrase. Examples of each are given.

  • Woody Allen - "The Murphy Group."
  • Ray Romano - "Debra!"
  • John Lennon - "I'm the biggest creep in the world."
  • Dismissive Jimmy Stewart
  • Shrek - "Donkey!"
  • Bill Murray - "It's in the hole!"
  • Michael Cerveris - "Hey, kiddo...Norris Jones."

Musical Guest as "Weirder" ScottEdit

"Weirder" Scott Aukerman has performed several songs on the podcast,

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