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Sandwich Therapy
Episode 315
Vital statistics
Release date October 13, 2014
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Casey Wilson
Ken Marino
Joe Wengert
Characters Dr. Jerry Pensacola
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Y'all Heard Any of These Names Before? In the Larp Run

Aloha Admiral Ackbar, a lake of salami we lay at your feet. A salami lake? Yum. At my feet? Oooh, squishy. "Sandwich Therapy" is episode 315 of Comedy Bang! Bang!. Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Casey Wilson, Ken Marino, and Dr. Jerry Pensacola (Joe Wengert). "Sandwich Therapy" was released on October 13, 2014.

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Earwolf Synopsis[]

Ken Marino & Casey Wilson of NBC’s Marry Me sing their hearts out on this week’s Comedy Bean Bag! After giving us an oral history of their new show Marry Me, Ken & Casey collabo once more as they create a brand new going to commercial theme song. Then, Dr. Jerry Pensacola stops by to explain what steps you must take to get your blood singing. Plus, everyone breaks the mold during a game of Riddle Me This.

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