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Peter Griffin
Number of Appearances 2
Played by Zeke Nicholson
First Episode 2018 Holiday Spectacular
Latest Episode Get In The Way Gremlin

Peter Griffin is a character played by Zeke Nicholson. Though best known as the patriarch on Family Guy, he wants to rebrand himself as a dramatic actor.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
593: Get In The Way Gremlin 3.24.19 Get In The Way Gremlin Natalie Morales, Jessica McKenna
579: 2018 Holiday Spectacular 12.16.18 Gino Lambardo, Santa Claus, Big Sue, Rudi North, Beth, John Lennon, Morpheus, The Dream Lord, Deanas & Daenas Croc, Big Dog, Leo Karpatze, Killiam Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Shaun Diston, Jessica McKenna, Mike Hanford, Will Hines, Ryan Gaul, Tim Baltz, Thomas Middleditch, Nick Wiger