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Peanut Parton
Number of Appearances 2
Played by Lisa Gilroy
First Episode Previous Partons
Latest Episode 2022 Tour, Toronto

Peanut Parton is a character played by Lisa Gilroy. Scientists in the 1940s conducted experiments in an attempt to create the most beautiful woman in the world, ultimately leading to the creation of Dolly Parton. Several attempts were rejected (the "previous Partons") before they landed on Dolly, including the first, Gunk, who was mostly blood, and the second, Dorlene, who was nearly perfect but she didn't have Dolly's dimples so they shot her in the head. Peanut was the fifth attempt, having been crossbred with peanuts in an attempt to get the body in a peanut-like hourglass shape.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
2022 Tour, Toronto 8.28.22 Cal Solomon, Beth, Keith Keith Paul F. Tompkins, Jessica McKenna, Will Hines
758: Previous Partons 5.22.22 Cal Solomon, Alan Stubbs Paul F. Tompkins, James Mannion