Paul F. Tompkins Steps In
Episode 38
Vital statistics
Release date January 29, 2010
Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins
Guests Kaitlin Olson
Jeremy Carter
Mark McConville
Matt Gourley
Characters Grandma Levon
Grandma Jonesy
Janice Caaf
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"Paul F. Tompkins Steps In" is episode 38 of Comedy Bang! Bang! (then Comedy Death-Ray Radio). Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins, it stars guests Kaitlin OlsonGrandma Levon (Grandma Queen Bee) (Jeremy Carter)Janice Caaf (Mark McConville), and Grandma Jonesy  (Matt Gourley). "Paul F. Tompkins Steps In" was released on January 29, 2010. 

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Earwolf Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While it is impossible to replace Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins does a better job than any. On this episode he does the whole Paul-F-Tompkins-thing until his grandma’s get there to teach us a little bit about Paul’s upbringing. Paul also brings on his friend from the highly underrated (in this nerds opinion) show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kaitlin Olson, who teaches us a bit about working with a depressed alcoholic version of the Gentleman Tompkins.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley play Paul's grandmothers as characters that had previously appeared on SuperegoMark McConville's Janice Caaf character also originated on Superego .

Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show is discussed at some length. Paul and Kaitlin, both cast members on the show, agree that it was not a very good show.

Music[edit | edit source]

  • It's_Paul_F._Tompkins_Time!

    It's Paul F. Tompkins Time!

    It's Paul F. Tompkins Time!

    "It's Paul F. Tompkins Time" is performed live as the opening theme, and is perhaps the catchiest song ever created (see video at left).
  • "Ikea" by Jonathan Coulton
  • "Miranda Lullaby" by Paul and Storm
  • "How Soon is Now" by Paul F. Tompkins and The Watkins Family (The Smiths cover)
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