Oh, Golly!
Episode 274
Vital statistics
Release date March 3, 2014
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Jason Mantzoukas
Andy Daly
Characters Gil & Golly
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Vape Cod LIVE from SXSW 2014
They say ignorance is bliss, but I don't know what either of those words mean. "Oh, Golly!" is episode 274 of Comedy Bang! Bang!. Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Jason Mantzoukas and Gil & Golly and briefly Dalton Wilcox (Andy Daly). "Oh, Golly!" was released on March 3, 2014.

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Earwolf SynopsisEdit

Get ready for some dating stories from the life of our good friend Jason Mantzoukas on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Just as we get into Jason’s love life, an entertainer by the name of Gil accompanied by his puppet Golly stop by the studio. But something is odd about Gil & Golly. Could there be more than meets the eye (or in this case ear)? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


Scott needs an emergency third guest, so his booking agent sends over Gil and his ventriloquist dummy, Golly. Golly is actually a cardboard box that Gil found earlier that day. It turns out that Gil is actually a crazy person with an invisible friend who appears sporadically in his life, sometimes as the wind, sometimes as a shirt, etc. They met when Golly saved him from a murder club (secretly a satanic ritual) when Gil was a young man, lured onto a fake whale-watching trip. It turns out that the booking agent was Cactus Tony, and for years he has been sending over guests like Clive Dundee and Hot Dog. Scott has been put into a trance to call this "booking agent."

As the show progresses and more and more secrets are unveiled, Scott's memory rapidly deteriorates, but Jason reminds him of their mutual childhood past--when they were lured onto Chip Gardner's boat and killed in that satanic ritual. Golly is actually Satan's high commander (a subject of Don DiMello), and Scott and Jason have been trapped in a netherworld between Heaven and Hell. Golly eventually jumps out the window, turns into a demon, and flies away, screaming, "All hail, Don DiMello!" Dalton Wilcox saunters in, stating that a battle between Good and Evil is coming, and he has been training with Bill Carter. Scott and Jason vow to fight Evil with Dalton and Bill...and then someone knocks at the door...



List of Recurring JokesEdit

  • Catchphrase Suggestion: Colt Barton (but Scott credits AprilFoolsRebel)
  • Hollywood Afternoons: Scott says, "I've heard of Hollywood Nights, I've even heard of Hollywood mornings, but Hollywood afternoons?"
  • It's Been... : Andy and Jason don't understand what Scott is doing when he says "It's Been..."
  • Side-by-Side: Scott mentions he and Jason interviewed side-by-side Chip Gardner while side by side. Jason corrects him, saying, "We were actually opposite each other in the other studio."
  • International Waters


This episode was voted #2 in the Best of 2014.

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