Matt Besser
Number of Appearances 27
Characters Frosty the Snowman

Pope Benedict XVI
Mark Zuckerberg
Kanye East
Taylor Slow
Bennett Stephens
King Henry VI
Fred Phelps
Martin Riley
New dad
Huanhuan the Olympic Mascot
Michael Phelps
Hooch the Mooch
Paul Funyuns
Chad Teaser
Colin Ramsey
Mick 4D
Daniel Faraway

First Episode Four Douche Episode
Latest Episode They'ven't Yet

Matt Besser is a frequent guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast and has appeared the TV show. He is a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade. He is the host of improv4humans with Matt Besser on the Earwolf podcast network and is married to fellow CBB guest Danielle Schneider.

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List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
562: They'ven't Yet 8.26.18 Daniel Faraway, Roman D’O’Grots Max Silvestri, Joe Wengert
538: Ro…ller Co…aster O…ne 3.25.18 Mick 4D, Samir Chakraborty Chelsea Peretti, Dhruv Uday Singh
483: The 420 Show 4.20.17 The Time Keeper, Dr. Green, Colin Ramsey Neil Campbell, Zeke Nicholson
465: Harsh Joe Pinions 1.9.17 Margery Kershaw, Joe "Pinions" Rudolph Jessica McKenna, Gil Ozeri
440: Pop-TarTender 8.15.16 Gino Lambardo, LaMary Todd Glass, Jon Gabrus
Live at Outside Lands 8.17.15 Gino Lambardo, Ranger Steve, Chad Teaser, Bernie Sanders Jon Gabrus, Rory Scovel, James Adomian
326: 2014 Holiday Spectacular 12.15.14 Len Wiseman, Ian Fleming, Bjork, Tiny, Victor Diamond, Ho Ho the Elf, Orson Welles' Ghost, Logan Conley Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, Paul F. Tompkins, Brendon Small, James Adomian, Lauren Lapkus, Matt Gourley, Neil Campbell
318: Lumber Hack 10.27.14 Paul Funyuns, Bitsy Boo-Carmichael Wyatt Cenac, Jocelyn DeBoer
283: The 5th Anniversary Show! 4.28.14 Mattilda Besserina SmithMarissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Traci Rearden, The Bachelor Brothers, Mike the Janitor, JW Stillwater Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Paul Rust, Neil Campbell, Paul F. Tompkins
276: LIVE from SXSW 2014 II 3.13.14 Hooch the Mooch, Gino Lambardo

Jon Gabrus, Matt Braunger

269: Smaug's Kickstarter  2.3.14 Smaug

Paul Hornschemeier, Doug Benson

239: New Dad 8.19.13 New dad Jay Mohr
201: End Scene 2.18.13 Pope Benedict XVI Jon Glaser
195: Making the Snow Angel 1.21.13 Frosty the Snowman

Billy Eichner, Reggie Watts

191: 2012 Holiday Spectacular 12.18.12 BjorkIce-TLiz, Bill Cosby-Bukowski

Harris Wittels, Paul Rust, Paul F. Tompkins, Nick Kroll, Jon Daly

2012 Tour, Chicago Pt. 2 7.30.12 Michael Phelps, Gary Busey James Adomian
2012 Tour, Chicago Pt. 1 7.30.12 Huanhuan the Olympic Mascot, Merrill Shindler James Adomian
2012 Tour, Minneapolis 7.29.12 Bjork, Jesse Ventura James Adomian
168: Breaking Bread 7.23.12 Pope Benedict XVI Bob Odenkirk
146: Climbing the Ladder 2.27.12 Bjork

Ben Schwartz, Reggie Watts

114: Hats Off to Caruso 7.18.11 Martin Riley Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish
101: Booked It! 4.18.11 Fred Phelps

Casey Wilson, Joe Lo Truglio

95: Phishing for Compliments 3.7.11

King George VI, Manic Jimmy Stewart, JackMaude

Harris Wittels, Natasha Leggero
75: The Farting Fuck Faces 10.12.10 Mark Zuckerberg Mike Birbiglia, Henry Phillips
62: Serious or Sarcastic? 7.16.10

Bennett StephensDanny Glover

Paul F. TompkinsAndy Richter; Don't Stop or We'll Die (Paul Rust, Harris Wittels, Michael Cassady)

36: Another Cyberthug Take-Over 1.15.10

Kanye East, Taylor Slow, Cyberthug

Miles ArcherJerry Minor

15: Four Douche Episode 8.7.09 Bjork Steve Agee, Natasha Leggero