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A fan-created wiki about the independent née Earwolf Network comedy podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!, hosted by Scott Aukerman.*

Why a Wiki?[]

Ever remember a CBB bit but don't remember which one, or who said it, or when it was? This wiki is here to (try to) help you out! From Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to Harris's Foam Corner to Hollywood Facts to Crowbots, it's all here. Well, not yet. Eventually.

You can help![]

Idly listening to an episode as you while the workday away? An unexpected b-b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s-s episode just dropped? Add a page for it or update the page we have!

Your favorite character somehow doesn't have their own page? Make it so! You are the judge, Judy, and executioner!

Feel free to add any information to the relevant page or if you have any notes or ideas add them here.

What's here already?[]

Check out the episodes, the guests, the characters, and the recurring segments that are already written up.