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Dame Sir Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber
Number of Appearances 31
Played by Paul F. Tompkins
First Episode Live from SF Sketchfest!
Latest Episode Elderly Whisperer

Dame Sir Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is a character played by Paul F. Tompkins who has also appeared on the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show. However, he is most well known for composing the music for Cats; Jesus Christ, Superstar!; The Phantom of the Opera; and, of course, Starlight Express. He composes his musicals in his dreams.

He occasionally suffers bouts of amnesia and thinks he is Mike the Janitor. Mike is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and American football and has no memory of ever being in a theater, never mind being a musical director.

Tompkins also appeared as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber in the How Did This Get Made? episode on the Cats movie.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
734: Elderly Whisperer 11.21.21 Brenda Tattletale Aisling Bea, Madeline Walter
637: Moshe Rock, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber & Jim the Shim 1.26.20 Alimony Tony, Dame Judi Dench, Jim the Shim, The Rum Tum Tugger Moshe Kasher, Tawny Newsome
2019 Tour, St. Paul Pt. 2 9.7.19 Bashford and Franklin, Dimples Carl Tart, Ego Nwodim, Lauren Lapkus
599: 10th Anniversary Part 1 4.28.19 Hot Dog, Dalton Wilcox, Bob Ducca, Todd, Beth, Dash Grabum, Gino Lambardo, Entrée PeeE Neur, Prince Chinedu, Bone Queef, Kiwi Kris, MC Sugar Butt, The Chief, Lil' Gary, Bjork, Chip Garvey, Gary Urbansky, The Rum Tum Tugger, Charles Manson, Bever Hopox, Chico Hands, Bisby St. Hancock Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Daly, Seth Morris, Jon Hamm, Lauren Lapkus, Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino, Jon Gabrus, Ego Nwodim, Zeke Nicholson, Carl Tart, Rob Huebel, Thomas Lennon, Matt Besser, Paul Scheer, Tawny Newsome, Madeline Walter, Taran Killam, Paul Brittain, Ryan Gaul
484: Pre Chowder 4.24.17 Gino Lambardo Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus
2016 Tour, London 9.28.16 Gino Lambardo, John Lennon Jon Gabrus, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Sydney 8.28.16 Traci Rearden, Calvin Redding Claudia O'Doherty, Lauren Lapkus, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Portland Pt. 2 5.24.16 Pamela from Big Bear, Kyle Bennet Lauren Lapkus, Tim Baltz
423: Time Bobby 4 5.23.16 Fourvel, Fourandahalfvel Bobby Moynihan
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 2 5.13.16 Whitney Peeps, Wally Cobb, Tommy Lauren Lapkus, Neil Campbell, Fran Gillespie
391: 2015 Holiday Spectacular 12.14.15 Ho Ho the Elf, Gino Lambardo, John Lennon, The Time Keeper, David Bunting Lauren Lapkus, Jon Gabrus, Mike Hanford, Neil Campbell, Will Hines
337: The Ying and the Yankovic 3.2.15 Doug Doyzoice Weird Al Yankovic, Joe Wengert
303: Puttering Around 8.4.14 Cake Boss Loudon Wainwright III
286: Time Bobby 3  5.15.14 Fourvel, Fryvault Bobby Moynihan
2013 Tour, Philadelphia 10.14.13 Tom Leykis James Adomian
2013 Tour, Detroit 10.9.13 Coco Marx Kurt BraunohlerHoratio Sanz
235: Concert Buddies 7.29.13 Doug Benson
215: Time Bobby 2 4.22.13 Fourvel, Fryvault Bobby Moynihan
203: The Vicar of Yanks 2.25.13 "Weird Al" Yankovic
175: Mop Water 9.10.12 Mike the Janitor Justin Kirk
2012 Tour, Portland 8.2.12 Christopher Hitchens James Adomian
150: Time Bobby 3.26.12 Fourvel Bobby Moynihan
136: 2011 Holiday Spectacular 12.19.11 Huell Howser, Jesse Ventura, Lil' GaryEl ChupacabraBob Ducca, Dr. Frasier Boss, Bill Cosby-Bukowski

Brett GelmanAdam Pally, Harris Wittels, James Adomian, Tom Lennon, Nick Kroll, Seth Morris, Jon Daly

Bumbershoot 2011, Pt. 2 9.4.11 Hot Dog Eugene Mirman, Andy Daly
112: Since You've Been Gone 7.5.11 "Weird Al" Yankovic
Best of 2010 12.26.10 Bob Ducca, August Lindt, El Chupacabra, Huell Howser, Ice-T, Danny Glover, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Garry Marshall, Frasier Fonzie, Good One Robot, Molly's Mother, Lil' Gary Brett Gelman, Seth Morris, Andy Daly, Nick Kroll, Reggie Watts, James Adomian, Jon Daly, Tig Notaro, Tom Lennon
76.5: Don't Cry Rolling Skate Train 10.19.10 Zach Galifianakis, Dillon Campbell
76: Can He Sing, Jeremy Piven? 10.13.10 Zach Galifianakis, Dillon Campbell
51: One Year Anniversary Party 4.30.10 Jesse Ventura, John C. Reilly, Ice-T, Huell Howser Tig Notaro, James Adomian
44: We Got a Caller on the Line 3.12.10 El Chupacabra Jason Woliner, Nick Kroll
Live from SF Sketchfest! 1.18.10 Doug Benson, Reggie Watts, Michael Ian Black, Dana Gould