Live from New York Comic Con 2014
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Episode from 2014 live bundle
Vital statistics
Release date October 12, 2014
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Jason Mantzoukas
Todd Barry
Paul F. Tompkins
Characters Werner Herzog
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Here come the waterworks! Whoa, now fireworks? Now a burger WITH the works?! What is going on with your face? "Live from New York Comic Con 2014" is a special episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, part of the 2014 Live Bundle. Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Jason Mantzoukas, Todd Barry, and Werner Herzog (Paul F. Tompkins). It was recorded on October 12, 2014, at Webster Hall.

Earwolf synopsisEdit

When Comedy Bang! Bang! makes a stop at a place as big as New York, one show isn't enough!

This time around Scott is joined by Paul F. Tompkins, Jason Mantzoukas, and Todd Barry.


Werner Herzog has recently filmed an appearance on Parks and Recreation, and this has led him to turn his career solely to comedy.

Would You RatherEdit

Would you rather wake up next to a headless clown handcuffed to a briefcase of money once a month OR be dangerously attractive people over 80? Todd Barry is declared the winner.

Freestyle Rap ContestEdit

Werner, Todd, Jason, and Scott all rap, Scott on the theme of American Football.


This is the episode in which American Football is sound-checking upstairs during the show, which lead to them appearing on 328: Beatle Heaven.

List of Recurring JokesEdit

  • Catchphrase Suggestion: Dhalgren
  • Technicality No-Down Boo-Over
  • Closing Sentiment Off
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