Joe Wengert
Number of Appearances 11
Characters Shelby Orangina

Arthur Steinborn
Mr. G
Brad Hammerstone
Dr. Jerry Pensacola
Doug Doyzoice
Frank Frank
Cody Calavera
Angel Coliciwo

First Episode Repeat Your Keyword
Latest Episode You Know John Leguizamo

Joe Wengert has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show.

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List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
410: You Know John Leguizamo 3.28.16 Angel Coliciwo, Pam Steensma Jerrod Carmichael, Neil Campbell
397: My Silly Moss Man 1.25.16 Dimples, Mrs. Blarrr, Cody Calavera Weird Al Yankovic, Lauren Lapkus
366: Cafeteriapalooza 8.3.15 Frank Frank, Dusty Stevens Bobcat Goldthwait, Will Hines
349: The 6th Anniversary Show! 5.4.15 Brad Hammerstone, Cake Boss, Santa, Alan Thicke, Ho Ho the Elf, Klaus Schneider, The Time Keeper, John Lennon, Rickster, Chad Warren Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Thomas Middleditch, Neil Campbell, Mike Hanford, Paul Scheer, Erin Whitehead
337: The Ying and the Yankovic 3.2.15 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Doug Doyzoice Weird Al Yankovic, Paul F. Tompkins
315: Sandwich Therapy 10.13.14 Dr. Jerry Pensacola Ken Marino, Casey Wilson
307: Ruth's Ross Dress for Loss 8.25.14 Regina Crimp, Russ Tenacious D (Jack Black, Kyle Gass), Lauren Lapkus
297: Canadian Apparel 6.30.14

Brad Hammerstone, Dov Charney

Nathan FielderJames Adomian

259: Charlotte's Website 12.2.13

Regina Crimp, Mr. G

Lauren Lapkus, David Alan Grier

210: A Spiritual Journey 3.25.13

Shelby OranginaTraci Rearden

Adam BrodyLauren Lapkus

182: Repeat Your Keyword 10.24.12

Arthur Steinborn, Diane 

Tim HeideckerLauren Lapkus