Jimmy Pardo
Number of Appearances 11
Characters Unknown
First Episode Guest Host Jimmy Pardo
Latest Episode Chekhov’s Phone

Jimmy Pardo has been a guest (and guest host) on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show. He is currently the "opening act" for Conan and host of his own podcast Never Not Funny with producer Matt Belknap.

In 1990 he earned $12,437.

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List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
523: Chekhov’s Phone  12.4.17 Jake, David, Lou, Carl Drew Tarver, Ryan Rosenberg, Jon Mackey, Dan Lippert
360: Snow Dome  7.6.15 Fitch Pender, Ahmad Paul Brittain
309: Tony Macaroni 9.8.14 R. Schrift Nick Kroll, Claudia O'Doherty
268: What Does the Fonz Say? 1.30.14 Voda the Gypsy Betsy Sodaro
258: Yoke Jams 11.25.13 Bob Ducca Seth Morris, Bill Callahan
121: Bro-ing Out 9.5.11

Paul RustRob Delaney

61: Palin 2012 7.9.10 Rory Scovel
31: Happy Black Friday! 11.27.09

Bobby Bottleservice, Huell HowserIce-T

Michael CeraHarris WittelsNick Kroll James AdomianPaul F. Tompkins

22: Yet Another Pardo-sode (GUEST HOST)


Kirk Rocker, Paul Stanley

Dana GouldMatt BelknapMike ToomeyPat Francis

13: Jimmy Pardo's Back (GUEST HOST)

7.29.09 A.J. Christopher (via phone), The ShamanIce-T (via phone) 

Jason NashJimmy DoreDoug Benson, Paul F. Tompkins

5: Guest Host Jimmy Pardo (GUEST HOST)


Richard MartinJazzPaul Stanley

Riki LindhomeKate MicucciMatt BelknapDoug BensonPaul GilmartinMaria BamfordPat Francis