Jesse Ventura
Number of Appearances 21
Played by James Adomian
First Episode Have a Merry Christmas...
Latest Episode 10th Anniversary Part 2

Jesse "The Mind, Body and Soul" Ventura is a character played by James Adomian who has also appeared on the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show. He is a former professional wrestler, actor, mayor, and governor of Minnesota. He is most known for asking questions as evinced by his TV show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.He currently presents Off the Grid on Ora TV, in which he discusses possibly running to become Jesse "The President" Ventura, as well as giving his opinion on many controversial topics. He is also a founding member of the Enigma Force Five along with Huell Howser.

If you say all three of his names ("The Mind," "The Body," "The Soul") he will grant you one wish.

He probably won't be elected to the presidency, however, as he has been trapped in the Plug Bag for nearly a year and may currently be in Canada with Dov Charney.

He has also been a guest on Get Fit Now with Bill Carter, part of The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, on the Earwolf network.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
599.5: 10th Anniversary Part 2 4.28.19 Joey Tortellini, Fabrice Fabrice, Martin Sheffield Lickly, Ernie Bread, Mr. Bread, Mama Bread, Fourvel, Batman, Eugenia Wobbles, Mall McCartney, Rudi North, Judy North, John Lennon, Randy Useless, Captain Moustache, Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Huell Howser Thomas Middleditch, Adam Scott, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, Drew Tarver, Weird Al Yankovic, Paul Rust, Neil Campbell, Bobby Moynihan, Mary Holland, Horatio Sanz, Ben Schwartz, Jon Daly, Shaun Diston, Mike Hanford, Will Hines, Brendon Small, Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham
502: Error 502 8.7.17 Falkor, Morpheus, The Dream Lord Joe Mande, Will Hines
463: 2016 Holiday Spectacular 12.12.16 Gino Lambardo, John Lennon, Al A. Peterson, Gary Urbansky, Ron Urbansky, The Time Keeper, Frosty the Snowman, Norm Hamer, Ming, Keith Jones, Dr. Green, Victor Diamond, Tiny, Willard "Willy" Mapleton Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Mike Hanford, Paul F. Tompkins, Tawny Newsome, Tim Baltz, Neil Campbell, Rhea Butcher, Will Hines, Ryan Gaul, Jeremy Rowley, Drew Tarver, Zeke Nicholson, Brendon Small
290: Shed Busting 6.2.14 George W. Bush, Paul Giamatti, Merrill Shindler Todd Glass
270: Off the Grid 2.10.14 Jon Daly
256: Raw Copera  11.18.13 Brendon SmallCameron Esposito
2013 Tour, Washington, D.C. Pt. 2 10.15.13 Alan Thicke Paul F. Tompkins
243: Blow Me Up Tom! (briefly) 9.9.13 Tom Leykis, Merrill Shindler Maria Bamford
231: This Is Not Me, This Is Them 7.15.13 Paul Giamatti Kumail Nanjiani
207: Live from SXSW 2013 II 3.14.13 Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Natasha Leggero, Rob Huebel, Reggie Watts
2012 Tour, New York Pt. 1 8.7.12 Fourvel Kurt Braunohler, Bobby Moynihan
2012 Tour, Minneapolis 7.29.12 Bjork Matt Besser
147: Raisin Norman Bates 3.5.12 Ice-T Greg Proops, Paul F. Tompkins
136: 2011 Holiday Spectacular 12.19.11 Huell Howser, Bill Cosby-BukowskiEl Chupacabra, Lil' Gary, Bob Ducca, Andrew Lloyd Webber Brett Gelman, Adam Pally, Harris Wittels, Jon Daly, Nick Kroll, Tom Lennon, Seth Morris, Paul F. Tompkins
103: These Times They Are A-Changin' 5.15.11 Clive Dundee, Truck Bastien, El Chupacabra, Huell Howser Paul F. Tompkins, Reggie Watts, Paul Scheer, Andy Daly, Tig Notaro, Nick Kroll
80: Enigma Force Five Reunion 11.15.10 Ice-T Adam Scott, Paul F. Tompkins
Just for Laughs Chicago 2010 6.17.10 Huell Howser Kristen Schaal, Bob Odenkirk, Garfunkel & Oates (Kate Micucci & Riki Lindhome)
51.5: The Party's Still Raging 4.30.10 Huell Howser, Lil' Gary, Bob Ducca, El Chupacabra, Bobby Bottleservice Tig Notaro, Rich Fulcher, Jerry Minor, Tom Lennon, Seth Morris, Nick Kroll
51: One Year Anniversary Party 4.30.10 Huell Howser Tig Notaro, Paul F. Tompkins
45: Cyberthug Take Over Pt Three 3.19.10 Tik Tok, Cyberthug (GUEST HOST) Jerry Minor, Dave Sitek, Dave Cousin, Brandon Johnson, Craig Robinson
34: Have a Merry Christmas... 12.18.09 El Chupacabra, John C. Reilly Jon Hamm, Doug Benson, Kulap Vilaysack, Nick Kroll, Paul F. Tompkins
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