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The song heard at the end of each 2016 episode as Scott ends the plugs sectionJesse Ventura often gets trapped in the plug bag as it is closing. He can sometimes be heard still trapped in the plug bag on episodes he is not a featured guest, 'coincidentally' when James Adomian is on the show. "Gonna Listen to Some Plugs" is the official closing plugs theme for the year 2016 and the second overall. It replaced to original theme, Closing Up The Plug Bag.

The theme was record on the first episode of 2016, Episode 393: Peanut Awareness. In the episode Scott messed up and asked guests Ben Schwartz and Horatio Sanz to record a theme for the opening of the plugs, forgetting it was for the close. Instead of recording the theme again Scott decided to use the mistake as the official closing plugs theme for the entire year, despite the lyrics not making sense in context.


The original "Gonna Listen to Some Plugs" Theme was created on Episode 393: Peanut Awareness. It is performed by

  • Horatio Sanz - Backup vocals ("Gonna get my info out, gonna get my jobs all talked about, talk about it, talk about my jobs.")