Gobo Bergentrack
Number of Appearances 1
Played by Dan Ahdoot
First Episode The Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ Elevator Pitch
Latest Episode

Gobo Bergentrack is a character played by Dan Ahdoot. He is the youngest son of Orph Bergentrack and Nicole Kidman. He is the star member of The Bergentrack Family Familial Band and is considering going solo. He plays the piano for the band. He is a 34 year old baby because his growth was stunted due to his brother Jackenzie Bergentrack taking all of the breast milk meant for him. Jackenzie also tried to get breast milk from Gobo himself but he didn't produce any.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
489: The Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ Elevator Pitch 5.29.17 Gishel Bergentrack, Orph Bergentrack, Trey Bergentrack, Jackenzie Bergentrack, D'Artagnan Bergentrack, Kim Bega, Mackenzie Bergentrack Kulap Vilaysack, Paul F. Tompkins, Drew Tarver, Tim Baltz, Eugene Cordero, Tawny Newsome, Mandell Maughan
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