Gil Faizon
Number of Appearances 5
Played by Nick Kroll
First Episode Maybe It's Maybelline
Latest Episode Just for Laughs Montreal 2016

Gil Faizon is a character played by Nick Kroll who has appeared on the podcast and the TV show. He has also appeared on Kroll Show.

Gil shares a murphy bed with George St. Geegland, whom he has known since the '70s. Gil was born Gil Cosby but took his ex-wife's last name.

Gil loves to be current and up-to-date on what's happening. He looks like a bowl of mashed potatoes.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
Just for Laughs Montreal 2016 7.29.16 Pamela from Big Bear, Big Chunky Bubbles, George St. Geegland Lauren Lapkus, Paul F. Tompkins, John Mulaney
390: The Oh, Hello Show 12.7.15 George St. Geegland Eugene Mirman, John Mulaney
329: Too Much Tuna Tour 1.12.15 George St. Geegland John Mulaney
174: Series Regulars 9.3.12 George St. Geegland

Lizzy Caplan, John Mulaney

107: Maybe It's Maybelline 6.6.11

Ethan CoenGeorge St. GeeglandFabrice FabriceJoel Coen

John Mulaney
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