Gil & Golly
Number of Appearances 2
Played by Andy Daly
First Episode Oh, Golly!
Latest Episode Oh, Golly! You Devil

Gil & Golly are characters played by Andy Daly. Gil is a ventriloquist and Golly is his dummy. (Which is in fact a cardboard box.) Golly is actually, though, a shape-shifting demon. In the hierarchy of Evil, Golly is above Satan (Chip Gardner) but below Don DiMello.


Gil was sent to be on the show by Cactus Tony, who has been posing as Scott's booking agent. He used to work "free-lance" at an Arclight theater (most likely as the manager who hired Cactus Tony to give handjobs).

Golly is actually a high commander of Satan and a sort of split personality of Gil's who appears sporadically throughout his life, talking to him through the wind, a shirt, a tooth, and a cardboard box, among other things. Gil first encountered Golly as a fish at sea, when he was lured onto a fake whale-watching trip which turned out to be a murder contest which was actually an attempt to summon Satan. The captain of that ship was Chip Gardner (who is actually Satan on Earth). As children, Scott and Jason were lured onto this boat and murdered as part of that satanic ritual, trapping them in a netherworld between Heaven and Hell.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
300: Oh, Golly! You Devil 7.21.14 Dalton Wilcox, Chip Gardner, Hot Dog, Bill CarterByron Denniston, Cactus Tony, Don DiMello, Patrick McMahon, Andi Callahan, Clive Dundee, August Lindt, Danny Mahoney, Ben Alterman Jason Mantzoukas
274: Oh, Golly! 3.3.14 Dalton Wilcox Jason Mantzoukas
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