Fortunately Unfortunately is a game where someone starts by saying either "Fortunately" or "Unfortunately" followed by a statement. The person to the left follows up with the opposite term and a sentence that continues the story. The game continues until no one can add to the story. The Theme Song used to introduce the game is "Unfortunate Thing" by Culture Club.

List of Fortunately Unfortunately GamesEdit

Episode Guests
209: The Bisco Boys Howard Kremer, Don't Stop or We'll Die (Harris WittelsMichael Cassady and Paul Rust)
202: Philip Traumatic Seymour Disorder

Nick ThuneTodd (Lauren Lapkus), Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman (James Adomian)

181: Happy Endings

Casey WilsonAdam Pally

133: Fortunately Unfortunately

Patton Oswalt, Leslie Schecter (Chris Tallman)

75: The Farting Fuck Faces

Mike Birbiglia, Henry Phillips, Mark Zuckerberg (Matt Besser)

70: Rock 'n Roll Dreams 

Ted LeoAimee MannJon WursterMr. Brainwash (Paul F. Tompkins)

56: Is Dave Foley Here?

David Anthony Higgins, Cake Boss (Paul F. Tompkins)