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El Chupacabra
Number of Appearances 18
Played by Nick Kroll
First Episode The Baby's Sunglasses
Latest Episode The 500th Episode

El Chupacabra is a character played by Nick Kroll. He has appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show as well as Reno 911! and Kroll Show. He is a Spanish-language radio DJ.

Quotes: "Koo-koo-ri-koo!"


  • Baby
  • A Chicken Baby
  • A Goat
  • Old Man Juarez

Personal life[]

In April Fools!, El Chupacabra and his brother, El Chupacabro (played by Jon Hamm), revealed that they were born as conjoined twins - connected at the pinky - despite having two different fathers: El Chupacabra's father is McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, while El Chupacabro's father is Ray Donaldson. The twins' mother, said to be "very beautiful" but "the town bike," is no longer alive.

El Chupacabra and El Chupacabro's grandmother is also deceased. The brothers were interested in burying their grandmother's remains at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in a plot next to Golden Girls actress Estelle Getty.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
500: The 500th Episode 7.24.17 Gino Lambardo, Todd, Cal Solomon, Tommy Scuzz Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Lauren Lapkus, Paul F. Tompkins, Mary Holland
339: LIVE from SXSW 2015 3.16.15 Todd, Kanye West, Sylvester Stallone Lauren Lapkus, Colin Hanks, Horatio Sanz
Live from Festival Supreme 2014 (intro) 10.25.14 Traci Rearden Lauren Lapkus, Adam Scott, Zach Galifianakis
211: April Fools! 4.1.13 El Chupacabro Jon Hamm
194: Me Gusta Characters! 1.14.13

Chance the Slam Poet, Fabrice Fabrice

Chelsea Peretti
171: Scrog Secretions 8.13.12

Megan Mullally, Stephanie Hunt

2012 Tour, Los Angeles 8.4.12 Chip Gardner, Paul Giamatti, Brennis Dentmintsontinmen, John Shantally Harris Wittels, Adam Scott, Andy Daly, James Adomian
156: Anniversary Party! 4.30.12 Toph Shay, Cake Boss, Christopher Hitchens, Marissa Wompler Zach Galifianakis, St. Vincent, Harris Wittels, Brett Gelman, Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian, Jessica St. Clair
136: 2011 Holiday Spectacular 12.19.11

Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Huell Howser, Jesse Ventura, Lil' Gary, Bob Ducca, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Brett Gelman, Harris Wittels, Adam Pally, Jon Daly, James Adomian, Tom Lennon, Seth Morris, Paul F. Tompkins
103: These Times They Are A-Changin' 5.15.11 Clive Dundee, Truck Bastien, Huell Howser, Jesse Ventura Paul F. Tompkins, Reggie Watts, Andy Daly, Paul Scheer, Tig Notaro, James Adomian
Best of 2010 12.26.10 Bob Ducca, August Lindt, Huell Howser, Ice-T, Danny Glover, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Garry Marshall, Frasier Fonzie, Good One Robot, Molly's Mother, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lil' Gary Paul F. Tompkins, Brett Gelman, Seth Morris, Andy Daly, Reggie Watts, James Adomian, Jon Daly, Tig Notaro, Tom Lennon
85: That's One Way Of Doing It 12.20.10 Don DiMello, Cake Boss, Bob Ducca Brett GelmanNeil Campbell, Andy Daly, Paul F. Tompkins, Seth Morris
71: Comedy Death Scott 9.15.10 J. Montgomery Scott Paul Scheer
51.5: The Party's Still Raging 4.30.10 Bobby BottleserviceLil' GaryBob DuccaJesse Ventura, Huell Howser Tig Notaro, Rich Fulcher, Jerry Minor, Tom Lennon, Seth Morris, James Adomian
44: We Got a Caller on the Line 3.12.10 Andrew Lloyd Webber Jason Woliner, Paul F. Tompkins
34: Have a Merry Christmas... 12.18.09 Jesse Ventura, John C. Reilly Jon Hamm, Doug Benson, Kulap Vilaysack, James Adomian, Paul F. Tompkins
31: Happy Black Friday! 11.27.09 Bobby Bottleservice, Huell Howser, Ice-T Michael CeraJimmy PardoHarris Wittels, James Adomian, Paul F. Tompkins
12: The Baby's Sunglasses 7.17.09 Bobby Bottleservice Jon Hamm, Howard Kremer, Doug Benson