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Edi Patterson
Number of Appearances 8
Characters Bean Dip
First Episode Hey, Keep Readin’
Latest Episode Warning Jeans

Edi Patterson has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! She starred on Vice Principals.

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List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
757: Warning Jeans 5.15.22 Bean Dip, Brooke Flagstaff, Jack Persimmons Ben Rodgers, Devin Field
688: The Sugarhill Gang Museum 1.10.21 Bean Dip, Cal Solomon Paul F. Tompkins
666: You Get It? 7.26.20 Bean Dip, Doug Gropes, Leo Karpatze Yassir Lester, Ryan Gaul, Nick Wiger
659: Hubba Hubba Punch Up 6.7.20 Bean Dip, Tony Wyoming, Dar the Beast Master Judd Apatow, Ego Nwodim, Ben Rodgers
652: Virtual Styling 4.26.20 Bean Dip, Auntie Renee, Joel Spanaducci Jonathan Van Ness, Tawny Newsome, Tim Baltz
614: Bean Dip & Randy Snutz Return: That’s What I Said 8.11.19 Bean Dip, Randy Snutz Adam DeVine, Tim Baltz
563: Where You Come From with CHVRCHES 9.2.18 Bean Dip, Mary Lisa CHVRCHES, Holly Prazoff
552: Hey, Keep Readin’ 6.24.18 Dr. Peter Fash, Bean Dip Weird Al Yankovic, Ryan Gaul