These are episodes which feature a musical guest in-studio.

Episodes with Musical Guests[edit | edit source]

Episodes Featuring a Musical Guests

Episodes Musicians Characters Other Guests
545: Casual High Technology with Wajatta Wajatta Ming, Margarite Shoes Reggie Watts, John Tejada, Jeremy Rowley, Alison Rich
501: Manchester Orchestra's Kith and Kin Manchester Orchestra Sissy Montgomery, Lord Dingle Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino
470: Electric Guest Are Masculine Electric Guest Brandon Potter, Janelle Jinx Mary Holland, Erin Whitehead
427: True Russian Facts Dan Mangan Mikhail Titscoffski Natasha Leggero, Riki Lindhome, Craig Cackowski
420: Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave Rogue Wave Todd Haley Joel Osment, Lauren Lapkus
411: The Phony Marony Show with The Thermals The Thermals John Lennon, Tony B. Mike Hanford, Tim Kalpakis
388: Breath Before Death Neko Case John Lennon, Michael Jackson's Ghost Mike Hanford, Mookie Blaiklock
387: Most Multiple Personalities John Grant Tom Jimson, Delna John Gemberling, Jocelyn DeBoer
380: A Colinary Journey Eagles of Death Metal Maximilian Lugner, Dr. Hiro Tokyo Colin Hanks, Matt Walsh, Brian Huskey
376: Romantic Tommy D Peaches Clayton Purdy Claudia O'Doherty, Will Hines
372: Motown Tea Diane Coffee John Lennon, Skip Garcia Mike Hanford, Horatio Sanz
361: Waiting for Infinnerty Dan Finnerty Gino Lambardo, Ton Liman Jon Gabrus, John Gemberling
341: Banging the Table with Stars Stars Brian Barber Claudia O’Doherty, Neil Campbell
335: The Wedding of Gilli and Garry Colin Hay Garry Marshall, Len Wiseman, Reverend Robert Parsimony, Alan Thicke Gillian Jacobs, Paul F. Tompkins
328: Beatle Heaven American Football John Lennon Anders Holm, Mike Hanford
326: 2014 Holiday Spectacular The Both (Aimee Mann, Ted Leo) Len Wiseman, Ian Fleming, Bjork, Victor Diamond, Tiny, Ho Ho the Elf, Orson Welles' Ghost, Logan Conley Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Gourley, Matt Besser, Brendon Small, Lauren Lapkus, James Adomian, Neil Campbell
323: Pie Quiz with Tears for Fears Tears for Fears Pie Minister Reggie Watts, Paul F. Tompkins
307: Ruth's Ross Dress for Loss Tenacious D (Jack Black, Kyle Gass) Regina Crimp, Russ Lauren Lapkus, Joe Wengert
306: Project Funway Don't Stop or We'll Die (Harris WittelsMichael CassadyPaul Rust)
303: Puttering Around Loudon Wainwright III Lord Andrew Lloyd WebberCake Boss Paul F. Tompkins
302: Milkshake Movies Twin Shadow Howard Amethyst Mary Lynn Rajskub, Eddie Pepitone
292: DJs Are Sleaze Js Merrill Garbus Sappity Tappity Jenny SlateJon Daly
278: Only Tones  Old 97's (Rhett Miller), Matt Berninger George Zimmer, Russell Crowe James Adomian
262: 2013 Holiday Spectacular Nick Lowe Dalton WilcoxAlan ThickeMerrill ShindlerBill Cosby-Bukowski, Frank StalloneThe Bachelor Brothers Jason MantzoukasAndy DalyPaul F. TompkinsJames AdomianNeil CampbellJon DalyPaul RustPaul Scheer
258: Yoke Jams Bill Callahan Bob Ducca Jimmy PardoSeth Morris
242: Veggie Dongs Neko Case Lil' Gary Rob HuebelTom Lennon
209: The Bisco Boys Don't Stop or We'll Die (Harris WittelsMichael CassadyPaul Rust), Dragon Boy Suede

198: Aren't You Glad

Ron Sexsmith Sarah SilvermanCam Billmoth Jeffrey RossAmy PhillipsNeil Campbell
188: Attack of the Shits Graham Parker Marissa Wompler Judd ApatowJessica St. Clair
171: Scrog Secretions Nancy & Beth El Chupacabra Nick Kroll
165: Hoo-ah! Loudon Wainwright III Gwyneth Paltrow Andy KindlerAmy Phillips
156: Anniversary Party! St. Vincent Marissa WomplerChristopher HitchensEl ChupacabraCake Boss Zach GalifianakisBrett GelmanHarris WittelsJessica St. ClairJames AdomianNick KrollPaul F. Tompkins
146: Climbing the Ladder Reggie Watts Bjork Ben SchwartzMatt Besser
144: Clones and Oliver Stones

Don't Stop or We'll Die (Michael Cassady, Paul RustHarris Wittels)

132: Occupy Thanksgiving  Margaret ChoGrant-Lee Phillips Dov Charney

David WainJames Adomian

126: Suicide Is Painless

Nick Lowe Garry Marshall

Jon HammPaul F. Tompkins

125: Wine in the Whirlpool Dan Mangan

Bobby BottleserviceErma

Sarah SilvermanNick Kroll

124: Bro-ing Out Pt. Deux

Matthew Sweet Todd BarryNick Thune
123: No Scoop for You The Bangles (Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson and Debbie Peterson) Adam PallyAmy Poehler

122: Shanghaied by Irene

Yo La Tengo (Georgia Hubley, James McNew and Ira Kaplan)

Werner Herzog

Zach GalifianakisPaul F. Tompkins

100: The Big One-Oh-Oh Matthew SweetSusanna Hoffs Lil' Gary

Rob HuebelDoug BensonTom Lennon

93: And the Oscar Goes to...

Reggie Watts

Paul Giamatti James Adomian
87: Droppin' Wallets! Nick Thune Chelsea Peretti
84: Impotent Teamsters Unite Reggie Watts Tommy Malone

Harris WittelsEddie Pepitone

76.5 Don't Cry Rolling Skate Train Dillon Campbell

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

Zach GalifianakisPaul F. Tompkins

76: Can He Sing, Jeremy Piven?

Dillon Campbell

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

Zach GalifianakisPaul F. Tompkins

75: The Farting Fuck Faces Henry Phillips Mark Zuckerberg Mike BirbigliaMatt Besser
70: Rock 'n Roll Dreams Ted LeoAimee MannJon Wurster Mr. Brainwash Paul F. Tompkins
69: I Am Not Food Loch and Key Lil' Gary Kumail NanjianiTom Lennon
68: Live from LA It's Comedy Bang Bang! Trainwreck Fred ArmisenHoward Kremer
62: Serious or Sarcastic? Don't Stop or We'll Die (Paul RustHarris Wittels, and Michael Cassady) Danny GloverBennett Stephens Andy RichterPaul F. TompkinsMatt Besser
58: I Want It That Way Steel Panther Rob Huebel
Live from UCB NY! Ted Leo Zach GalifianakisDavid CrossTodd BarryJohn Gemberling
6: Doing Laundry with Sarah Dragon Boy Suede James GandolfiniBilly Crystal Sarah SilvermanDoug BensonBrett Gelman
5: Guest Host Jimmy Pardo Garfunkel & Oates Richard Martin, Jazz, Paul Stanley Matt Belknap, Doug Benson, Paul GilmartinMaria BamfordPat Francis

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