Bobby Moynihan
Number of Appearances 12
Characters Fagin Platt

Charles Barkley
Slow Pesci

First Episode Skanking Hayride
Latest Episode Jen and Berry’s Frozen Ice

Bobby Moynihan has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show. He was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2008 to 2017.

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List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
559: Jen and Berry’s Frozen Ice 8.5.18 Jen, Berry Eugene Cordero
512: What’s Your AIM? 10.9.17 Werner Herzog, Slow Pesci, Fourvel Paul F. Tompkins
423: Time Bobby 4 5.23.16 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Fourvel, Fourandahalfvel Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 5 5.15.16 Cal Solomon, Harmony Moongloss, Fourvel Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus
286: Time Bobby 3 5.15.14

FourvelLord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Fryvault

Paul F. Tompkins
Live from New York 2014 5.11.14

FourvelAlan Thicke

Wyatt CenacPaul F. Tompkins

215: Time Bobby 2 4.22.13

Fourvel, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Fryvault

Paul F. Tompkins
2012 Tour, New York Pt. 2 8.7.12

Fagin Platt, Charles Barkley, Huell Howser

Tim Heidecker, James Adomian
2012 Tour, New York Pt. 1 8.7.12 Fourvel, Jesse Ventura Kurt Braunohler, James Adomian
150: Time Bobby 3.26.12

Fourvel, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

Paul F. Tompkins
130: Tall Napoleon 11.7.11 Fagin Platt, Charles Barkley Jenny Slate, Elizabeth Laime
113: Skanking Hayride 7.11.11 Ozzie Patinkin Seth Morris