Best of 2010
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Episode BO2010
Vital statistics
Release date December 26, 2010
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Paul F. Tompkins

Brett Gelman
Seth Morris
Andy Daly
Nick Kroll
Reggie Watts
James Adomian
Jon Daly
Tig Notaro
Tom Lennon

Characters Bob Ducca

August Lindt
El Chupacabra
Huell Howser
Danny Glover
Christopher Hitchens
Bill Cosby-Bukowski
Garry Marshall
Frasier Fonzie
Good One Robot
Molly's Mother
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lil' Gary

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That's One Way of Doing It The New Year Attack of 2011

What's up, hot dog?: The retirement. "Best of 2010" is the 2010 Best Of... episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! (then Comedy Death-Ray Radio). Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Paul F. Tompkins, Brett Gelman, Bob Ducca (Seth Morris), August Lindt (Andy Daly), Nick Kroll, El Chupacabra (Kroll), Reggie Watts, Huell Howser (James Adomian), Ice-T (Tompkins), Danny Glover (Tompkins), Christopher Hitchens (Adomian), Bill Cosby-Bukowski (Jon Daly), Garry Marshall (Tompkins), Frasier Fonzie (Daly), Tig Notaro, Good One Robot (Notaro), Molly's Mother (Notaro), Andrew Lloyd Webber (Tompkins), Tom Lennon, and Lil' Gary (Lennon). "Best of 2010" was released on December 26, 2010.

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Earwolf Synopsis[edit | edit source]

‘Tis the season to relive your favorite comedy bits from the year! You voted and the answers are in for the best characters, guests, songs, and episodes of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast 2010. Scott and some of Earwolf’s closest friends count down the awards while lifting the curtain on what goes into making Comedy Bang Bang so special and hilarious. Thanks for listening this year and happy holidays!

Winning Moments[edit | edit source]

Winning Moment Episode
Best Paul F. Tompkins Appearance John C. Reilly vs. Jon Hammacting off 34: Have a Merry Christmas...
Best Performance Brett Gelman's I-Brain 35: And a Happy New Year!
Best Returning Character Bob Ducca
Best Bob Ducca Performance List of ailments 51: One Year Anniversary Party
Best Andy Daly Appearance August Lindt 59: Free Subarus for Moms!
Best Nick Kroll Performance

El Chupacabra/Baby's cell phone commercial

Best James Adomian Appearance

Huell Howser turns into another Crowbot due to Ice-T's prodding

Best of 2009
Best Single Appearance Character

Bill Cosby-Bukowski Jello-em "Most Fuckable Huxtable"

73: Featuring Betty White!
Best Female Character

Tig Notaro as Good One Robot

43: Good One!
Best Would You Rather Would you rather own a magical penny OR have a nose that was able to lift off like a jetpack after every sneeze? 76.5: Don't Cry Rolling Skate Train
Best Song Lil' Gary's "I'm Not Food" 69: I Am Not Food
Best Episode 51: One Year Anniversary Party

List of Recurring Jokes[edit | edit source]

  • Thank You, Reggie Watts: Scott says he was there at the beginning of the show right before he returns to do a live performance of the theme song.
  • Mildred and Patty Hill
  • Jeremy Piven
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