Another Cyberthug Take-Over
Episode 36
Vital statistics
Release date January 15, 2010
Hosted by Jerry Minor as Cyberthug
Guests Miles Archer
Matt Besser
Characters Kanye East
Taylor Slow
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"Another Cyberthug Take-Over" is episode 36 of Comedy Bang! Bang! (then Comedy Death-Ray Radio). Hosted by Cyberthug (Jerry Minor), it stars guests Kanye East and Taylor Slow (Matt Besser) and Miles Archer. "Another Cyberthug Take-Over" was released January 15, 2010.

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Earwolf Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Run for your life, it’s a CYBER-THUG TAKE OVER! Cyber and his buddy Miles Archer discuss the state of hip hop with Kanye East, and whatever type of music it is that Taylor Slow does.

Music[edit | edit source]


Somebody is f'n my lady

Somebodies Fucking My Lady by L Witherspoon & Chucky (Jerry Minor and Craig Robinson)

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