Alan Buchanan
Number of Appearances 1
Played by Thomas Middleditch
First Episode Tight Tort
Latest Episode

Alan Buchanan is a character played by Thomas Middleditch. Alan is an entrepreneur who started a company called "Buchanan's Jams (Jellies and Preservatives)." He suffers from a disease called "Wet Crotch Syndrome" or WCS which makes the area from the top of his crotch, "where the shaft meets the abdomen," to the bottom of his crotch sweat constantly. This happens because when he was a child his stepfather poured boiling water on his armpits so the sweat from his armpits has to escape from his crotch. Although it he says it is sweat coming from his crotch, there is speculation that it's actually just pee and it has not been confirmed yet which it is. He lives next to a river and coincidentally four people in his life have died around rivers. His daughter drowned in a river, his ex-wife (they separated before her death) had a heart attack while on a boat on a river, his mother died from old age on a riverbed, and his stepfather drowned in a pool adjacent to a river.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
473: Tight Tort 2.27.17 Markis Quiddlebit Ben Schwartz
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