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Adam Scott
Number of Appearances 14
Characters Brian Pieces

Judge Ito
John Shantally
Jason Vorges
Lord Shitqueef

First Episode Family Counseling
Latest Episode From Candy Boy to TV Boy

Adam Scott has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show. He is the host of his own podcast on the Earwolf network, U Talkin' U2 To Me? along with Scott Aukerman. He is an actor known for his roles in TV shows Parks and RecreationParty Down , and Burning Love, as well as the co-creator (along with his wife Naomi) of The Greatest Event in Television History. He has also featured in movies such as The Aviator, Knocked Up, Step Brothers, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

He is married to attractive lady Bucko Dolores, and suffers from the rare genetic disorder Awerthia.

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List of Appearances
Episodes Release Date Characters Other Guests
751: From Candy Boy to TV Boy 4.3.22 Thomas Mashed-Potatoes, Mariska Beenaboutta Will Hines, Suzi Barrett
599.5: 10th Anniversary Part 2 4.28.19 Joey Tortellini, Fabrice Fabrice, Martin Sheffield Lickly, Ernie Bread, Mr. Bread, Mama Bread, Fourvel, Batman, Eugenia Wobbles, Mall McCartney, Rudi North, Judy North, John Lennon, Randy Useless, Captain Moustache, Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Jesse Ventura, Huell Howser Thomas Middleditch, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, Drew Tarver, Weird Al Yankovic, Paul Rust, Neil Campbell, Bobby Moynihan, Mary Holland, Horatio Sanz, Ben Schwartz, Jon Daly, Shaun Diston, Mike Hanford, Will Hines, Brendon Small, Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, James Adomian
Live from Comic-Con 2017 7.20.17 The Contraptionaire, Vernessa Lykes Ben Schwartz, Paul F. Tompkins, Craig Robinson, Lauren Lapkus
443: This Is Your Boy Troy 9.5.16 Jack Sparks, This Is Your Boy Troy Will Hines, Jessica McKenna
403: This Ain’t Now, This Is Then 2.22.16 Randy Snutz, Tebow Lebow Tim Baltz, Dan Ahdoot
336: NOT Farts and Procreation 4 2.23.15 Chelsea PerettiHarris Wittels
Live from Festival Supreme 2014 10.25.14 Traci Rearden, El Chupacabra (intro) Lauren Lapkus, Zach Galifianakis, Nick Kroll (intro)
219: Farts and Procreation 3 5.13.13 Dr. Ping Pong Jones, Jason Vorges, Clark Griswold, Kaslida Andrews, Cheri Oteri, Evan, Vince, Lord Shitqueef Chelsea Peretti, Harris Wittels
2012 Tour, Los Angeles 8.4.12 John ShantallyChip Gardner, El Chupacabra, Paul Giamatti, Brennis Dentmintsontinmen Harris Wittels, Andy Daly, Nick Kroll, James Adomian
166: Farts and Procreation 2 7.19.12 Brian Pieces Chelsea Peretti, Harris Wittels
120: Farts and Procreation 8.29.11 Brian Pieces, Jack Sjunior, Vegetarian Robot, Curious Latina, Tired Lady Chelsea Peretti, Harris Wittels
98: A Worthy Uhhh 3.28.11 Alan Rickman James Adomian
80: Enigma Force Five Reunion 11.15.10 Ice-T, Jesse Ventura, Huell Howser Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian
49: Family Counseling 4.16.10 James McDowell, Cathy McDowell, Damian Vast Chris Fairbanks, Matt Walsh, June Diane Raphael, James Pumphrey