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2013 Tour, Washington, D.C. Pt. 2
Episode from the road
Vital statistics
Release date October 15, 2013
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Paul F. Tompkins

James Adomian

Characters Alan Thicke

Jesse Ventura

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To bed, bath... and beyond! "2013 Tour, Washington, D.C. Pt. 2" is a special episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the 15th and final episode of the 2013 tour. Hosted by Hot Saucerman, it stars guests Alan Thicke (Paul F. Tompkins) and Jesse Ventura (James Adomian). "2013 Tour, Washington, D.C. Pt. 2" was recorded on October 15, 2013.

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Would You Rather?[]

Would you rather be instantly transported to the top of the Empire State Building every time you yawn OR be allergic to words starting with vowels?

Fake yawning transports you to the bottom of the empire state building. Real yawns transport you to the top and transform you into a giant gorilla. 

You are allergic to reading, writing, saying, and hearing words beginning with vowels, including the letter Y but excluding when dead people are saying/writing them. Slimer is your best friend and every "slime" slimer slimes you, you say, "He slimed me."

In both scenarios Bill Murray has agreed to be in Ghostbusters 3 because Dan Aykroyd apologized for every thing he made post Doctor Detroit, which was Bill's favorite movie.

Scott asks, "Why were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles named after Italian renaissance masters?" Jesse doesn't know but he tells us he was the voice for Krang. Alan asks, "Why did the Turtles wear masks?" Jesse says its because they didn't want you to know which one was which; he knows as he used to be a governor and if a turtle has a mask on you have to let him go.

Jesse votes to share a bowl of terrapin soup with Pokemon at the top of the empire state building. The Mos Eisley Cantina Band song interrupts Alan's vote; he declares "Well, that's how you play Would You Rather!" No winner is declared.

List of Recurring Jokes[]

  • Catchphrase Suggested by:  Jason_Pantsuitkas
  • 'Tis a Consummation Devoutly to Be Wished/...But Watch Yourself, Counselor
  • It's Been...Mentioned several times. Jesse asks if that's a Barenaked Ladies reference.
  • Barack Hussein Obamacare
  • 'Sclusie
  • Mos Eisley Cantina Band Song: Scott, Alan and Jesse sing a version of the Mos Eisley Canina Band Song from Star Wars interrupting the end of Would You Rather.